I now have many students: some successful and some underperforming.  I have wondered why this is so?


All of my students seem to be about equal in age, intelligence, ability and interest in learning piano.


At least this was so at the very beginning of lessons but it was not long before some students became uninterested and stopped progressing.


This results in a frustrated teacher, frustrated parents and unhappy students.

It would be easy to point at a lack of practicing as THE problem, thus more practice will produces better results. But is that the case? The real question is;


Why do students STOP PRACTICING?                      Why do students LOSE INTEREST in PRACTICING?

Why do students have to be threatened, bribed, punished, etc., to do something they may really want to do.

As a teacher of equally talented, equally interested(at the beginning) students I noticed that the MAIN difference between a SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMING STUDENT and AN UNDERPERFORMING STUDENT seems to be ONE THING.

So before taking your child on as a NEW STUDENT or RESUMING lessons with an underperforming student,

I created this web page to be READ by you so you will be aware of the KEY to a

                                                    SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMING STUDENT.

At the end of this web site there will be a contract that three of us must agree to.


Goals and Responsibilities will be clearly stated and all three parties must understand their role in this, Teacher, Student and Parents.

Failure by any of us to live up to their part may eventually result in termination of lessons.