Thank you for considering PIANO LESSONS 4 U as an option for piano lessons to your children or even yourself.


I am sorry that at this time I am unable to take on additional students because my schedule is full.


I  will add your information to my waiting list.


I have had to turn down potential students due to location and I apologise for this. Even though it may only be a few minutes from current students driving time becomes problematic, expecially in winter weather.


Children's ages have also been a reason for turning down potential students.  I have had a number of young students who initially were excited about lessons but soon lost interest when they realize that learning an instrument requires CONTINUOUS practice and TIME away from other things.  Maturity varies widely between children of same ages. For younger students, a parent will need to devote considerable time also.


So, I created this page to save you having to search for other options. There are many possibilities, some free, some very expensive. I am not recommending any particular option over another, just trying to save you some time.



* Piano teachers near you location can often be found using CRAIG'S LIST. I started out advertising on Craig's list but no longer need to.


* There are local music stores (Robinson's in Westboro, for example) that offer lessons and may even offer teachers that will come to your house. I find costs are fairly high, in area of $36 per half hour.


* There are local Music Academies (New England Music Academy, for example) that offer group lessons and require contracts. Again cost may be high and results unsatisfactory.


*  A teacher in Shrewsbury that charges $30 per half hour lesson, but does not travel to students can be reached at: or 617  543-7544 or Facebook - Shrewsbury Piano Lessons - Kevin Gordon